Bedroom Closet Organizer for Socks Underwea


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Product Description:

Color: Gray, Light Yellow


6 Grid Bra Box 12x32x32cm

7 Grid Briefs Box 12x32x12cm

11 Grid Socks Box 12x32x12cm

Material: Nylon


Store your items with it quickly and neatly, allowing your item easy to be found.

Easy to fold them when not in use to save space.

Made of nylon mesh, no smell, washable and durable.

Suitable for walk-in closet, wardrobe or drawers.

Sort your underwear, bras, socks, neck ties, etc.

Customer Tips:1. After receiving the product, please wash it with clean water for use.

The storage box is deformed after long-term transportation, please fill it with items to make it stand.


Grey-6 Grids, Grey-7 Grids, Grey-11 Grids, Off-white-6 Grids, Off-white-7 Grids, Off-white-11 Grids


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