Plastic Baby Potty


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Every parent wants what’s best for their child, and when it comes to potty training, you want a product that is both comfortable and easy to use. The Plastic Baby Potty is perfect for your little one, with a soft, contoured seat and a cute, ergonomic design. The removable basin makes it easy to clean, and the raised splash guard protects against spills. With its easy-to-use design and attractive appearance, the Plastic Baby Potty is the perfect choice for your potty training needs


TD1053A, TD1053B, TD1057A, TD1053C, TD1053D, TD1053H PU Plus, TD1053I PU Plus, TD1053K, TD1053F, TD1057K PU Plus, TD1057G, TD1057D, TD1057H, TD1057J, TD1057I, TD1057L PU Plus, TD1057M PU Plus


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